Plastic washing machine/plastic recycling machine/plastic shredder

ABOUT GENOX PLASTIC WASHING SYSTEM/PLANT Our Universal Plastic Washing Plants are high performance recycling systems for the recovery of rigid or flexible plastics from derived from various sources,&n

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Plastic Washing Machine / Plastic Recycling Machine/Plastic Shredder
Our Universal Plastic Washing Plants are high performance recycling systems for the 
recovery of rigid or flexible plastics from derived from various sources, including materials 
with high contamination levels.

We are able to provide effective, customized proposals and cost-effective solutions by listening to and understanding our customers; needs. These modular
system are capable of processing general plastics including:
* HDPE Bottles
* PE Film (post consumer or agricultural)
* PP Woven Bags
* PET Bottles

GENOX plants with the capacity from 500kg/hr to 2T/hr which meet customers' different 


Prior to delivery from our manufacturing facility, all plastic washing plants are set up and
tested under "real world" conditions to ensure the plant capacity and quality of the finished
product are guaranteed. Customers are welcomed and encouraged to attend these trials
to see their plant in operation, receive training on the operation and maintenance of their
system, and to see similar equipment in build.

Plastic Washing Machine / Plastic Recycling Machine/Plastic Shredder
Depending on the application these plants may include:

Bale Breaker - opens the bales of input material to allow it to flow and be sorted.
Feeding Conveyor Belt - presents an even material feed to the plant.
Pre-shredder - wet or dry shredding for size reduction and washing.
Pre-washer - removal of some sands and other dirt.
Screw Washer - washing and material transportation.
Hot Washing Tank - hot washing with alkaline (caustic) soda to remove glue and oils.
Sink-float Separation Tank - removal of some contamination and helps wash the material.
Granulator - wet granulation for size reduction and washing.
Horizontal Friction Washer - hihg speed washing or scrubbing of material.
Centrifugal Dryer - machanical de-watering of the product.
Screw Presser - machanical de-watering of the washed product through compression.
Thermal Dryer System - hot air drying of the product.
Zig-Zag Classifier - removal of labels and fines.
Bag Station - deliver the product into storage bags
Electrical Panel - provides an interface for the operator to control the system.
The correct combination, sizing and configuration of the equipment listed provides a 
reliable, efficient plastic recycling systems, producing high quality materials ideal for sale,
or for use in converting equipment (pelletizing, injection/blow moulding and extrusion).
Plastic Washing Machine / Plastic Recycling Machine/Plastic Shredder

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