Professional commercial sawdust dryer for wooden pallet production line

Wood Pallet Production LineProduct IntroductionModelPM-1000Voltage380V, 50HZ, 3 phaseCapacity150-180pcs/day (24 hours)Power18.5kwHydraulic cylinder diameter450mmHydraulic cylinder quantity4 pcsPressureMax 1000T (adjustable)Pressing heal cycle35sShaping cycle450sWeight22TDimension2000*1400*

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Wood Pallet Production Line

Product Introduction
Voltage380V, 50HZ, 3 phase
Capacity150-180pcs/day (24 hours)
Hydraulic cylinder diameter450mm
Hydraulic cylinder quantity4 pcs
PressureMax 1000T (adjustable)
Pressing heal cycle35s
Shaping cycle450s
To the wooden molded industrial pallet, the raw materials can be wood chips, straw, etc., which is the overall structure, panel, and 9 support feet once mold shaped. The upper surface of the pallet plate is smooth, can meet the transport of various goods, the under surface uses stiffener. Plate longitudinal and horizontal force is a balance, nine-foot distribution to meet the forklift four-way insert. It is a four-way fork in, single-sided pallet.
Professional Commercial Saw Dust Dryer Machine for Wooden Pallet Production Line

Working Principle
The crushed wood chips or straw were dried at 300-450 ºC for 3 min, the heat treatment time was 30min, the water in the material was removed, then mixed with the thermosetting resin, and molded at 220 ºC. The pressure was 1400psi or 98kg / cm3. In this process, the internal temperature of the pallet reaches 105 ° C and the internal temperature of the pallet is maintained above 56 ° C for more than 30 minutes and the final moisture content of the product is not more than 9%.
The entire production process is carried out at high temperatures and pressures, killing any insects and microorganisms that remain in the material, and at the same time preventing the re-intrusion and propagation of any other insects due to the high density of the wood pallets produced. This kind of molded product is the latest "artificial wood packaging material" rather than the traditional "solid wood packaging materials", its products no longer need to pest control, the product does not have any live insects and microorganisms, in line with ISPM15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures 15 ) requirements for Wood Packaging Products.

Professional Commercial Saw Dust Dryer Machine for Wooden Pallet Production LineThe Production Process
Preparation of raw materials: According to the requirements of the pallet load-bearing choose wood or straw varieties, chipped into 1-2mm toothpick-like sawdust, strictly control the bark of the impurity content of not more than 5%, after magnetic separation into the dryer, raw materials after drying moisture content ≤ 5%.
Mixing: In order to prevent wood chips broken, we should not use the high-speed mixing machine, the general use of roller mixing machine, set two spray systems, in order to add the two should not be mixed together. Generally, use isocyanate and urea-formaldehyde resin mixture, or phenolic resin and melamine resin, the amount of sizing is 3% -8%. After the measurement of wood chips and quantitative adhesive at the same time into the mixing machine, mixed with wood moisture content, should be controlled in the range of 6-8%.
Pavement and hot pressing: adopts special equipment, pavement two times, the first for pallet and preload, and then do the plane part of the pallet. Punches fixed in the upper part of the hot press on the activities of the beam, the die is between the hot press and paving machine, placed on the lower press table, a special stripping device. It will be mixed with wood chips in the mold, the pre-pressure, hot-pressed until the resin can be fully cured after the mold. First sintered wood chips, quantitative paving into the metal mold in the cold pressing preforming.  And then placed in a hot press in the press molding.
The side trimming: mainly for the side cutting, that is, to remove the edge of the product surplus flash.
Professional Commercial Saw Dust Dryer Machine for Wooden Pallet Production Line

Technical Characteristics
1. Pallet moisture content is low, general control between 6%-8%, the pallet is not hygroscopic, deformation during the using process.
2. The size of stability, lightweight, no distortion and warping.
3. The molded product size with high precision, specially designed to keep the strength of the reinforcement to ensure product precision and production.
4. It can keep the strength and stiffness constant and removes the wood's own natural defect during the molding process, and intensity strength are more than traditional board assembly products.
5. The weight is 50% lighter than hard hardwood real wood pallet products.
6. The rounded corners design in order to prevent damage in the process of product packaging and can realize automatic binding processing, save operating time.
7. It can be the superposition of multiple pallets piled up together, 50 pcs of pallet about 7 feet high. a forklift truck can tray scooping up from each side.
8. To meet the transportation of import and export business, without fumigation processing.
9. Can use wood processing residue and waste wood to make pallets.
10. products are environmentally friendly, which can realize the recycle, recycle and reuse, low pollution, recovery rate can reach 100%.
11. The price is cheaper than the traditional softwood and hardwood materials.
12. Using environment-friendly and urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive as adhesive to wood or wood fiber mold pressing directly.
13. Each standard container can put 1000 pallets, users to minimize the transportation cost.
14. The dynamic load is 1500 kg, the static load is 5000 kg.
15. The same number of pallets, which can save 3/4 more space as ordinary wooden pallets. a forklift truck can carry 60 pallets, and ordinary wooden pallets can only carry 18 to 20 pcs for 1 time.

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Professional Commercial Saw Dust Dryer Machine for Wooden Pallet Production Line


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